Infinite Radiance offers a variety of natural products including customized blends of essential oils, as well as pharmaceutical grade CBD products.


Infinite Radiance spritz or Roll-ons

Experience the life-changing powers of essential oils by connecting your energies with nature. We offer distinctive essential oil blends customized to suit your energetic needs. Each blend is created with love and radiance to add vibrance to your experience. Plant essences have potent supportive abilities in moving energies. Also if you find you are getting hooked on great essential oils, Doterra is a crazy good brand and I’d be happy to assist you in getting the concentrates wholesale. Just let me know.

Spritz 4 oz. $18.00

Roll-ons 10ml $18.00; 5ml $8.00; 2ml $3.00


High Grade Pharma Canna CBD Products

As a certified reseller of Pharmacanna’s 99% pharmacy formulated CBD products, Infinite Radiance offers the full spectrum of high grade CBD products. All products are responsibly sourced, ethically created, and never tested on animals. Each batch is tested to be THC free and made from the hemp plant. According to PharmaCanna’s written materials:

“Who is PharmaCanna? PharmaCanna takes pride in the fact that the company’s roots are from the Independent Pharmacy industry and a locally owned business involved in our community. PharmaCanna was started by a pharmacist in West Palm Beach, Florida after dissatisfaction with the CBD products that were available. Lack of regulation of CBD’s resulted in product inconsistency. The decision was made to start a professionaland premier line of CBD products. There was a need for a CBD source that the pharmacies, doctors, chiropractors, and health and wellness industries could trust. Thus, pharmacanna was born.”

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